Active Projects

Aug 30, 2019

Active Projects (with updates)

React Causal Profiler

fastly labs terrarium on KBFS

Push wasm code, have it run on distributed servers for you (done)[]

Android Wired - A Rust UI framework for Android


An attempt at building a friend Rust UI library for Android.

  • Coming up: Add flex-box support on android

Interesting Cities Map

Yet another map of cities that seem nice to live in. Scored by:

  • Climbing
  • Bike Score
  • Walk Score
  • Population

To add: Cost of living index Disaster preparedness

Slack Bridge

Connect kb to slack with the bot library


Move off of betterment

A 3% return is only barely better than a bank.

Rusty Keybase Bot

Build a Keybase Bot Library in Rust (With proper typings)

  • This is live!
  • I rabbit holed into creating an AVDL parser with pest.

Riding those new BART trains?

  • Is it possible to figure out when the new bart trains are arriving so I can optimize my commute to ride those puppies?

Programmatically find Climbing crags

  • How can I parse USGS and GIS data to find good crags for climbing?